VV Brown @ Dry Bar, Manchester – 30 October

VV Brown
20 October, Thursday
Dry Bar, Manchester

VV Brown is a 24 year old singer-songwriter who describes her music as do wop indie from outer space.

On writing 'Crying Blood' VV Brown (Vanessa)says: 'I got a cheap guitar and started to write in my room I was renting. Was starting to listen to a lot of old rock n roll music, especially Ruth Brown, after working with a few producers who were sweet but a little imposing, and began this journey. The first song I ever played that I was like cool, from coming home from LA to London, was written on the one string of a guitar and I used my nail varnish to show the fingering, as the piano was my main instrument, but I didn't have a piano as I sold it to get a ticket back to London from LA. Writing was all on the guitar. Then I started to record and trust my instincts… producing was a trusting yourself thing, do I like it, that's all I based it on, pushing out the thoughts of what could be right for everyone else, which was the slavery I had experienced before. Just right humble songs.'

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