Vagabond - Manchester
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Vagabond – Manchester

Tuesday 11th August @ Moho Live, Manchester
Doors 7.30pm, £6adv – Over 14s

Support from Army Of Stars

Vagabond are a band we at Glasswerk picked up onto very quickly. Indie soul pop is how one could easily describe them. A more in-depth description is below. You may have seen them supporting the likes of James Morrison and Mcfly recently and this is their first under 18 headline visit to Manchester. So, you should probably go.

Debut Album ‘You Don’t Know The Half Of It’ out Summer 2009. New Single ‘Sweat (Until The Morning)’ out June 8th
Special Guests On James Morrison’s UK Spring Tour

Vagabond’s debut album ‘You Don’t Know The Half Of It’, out Summer 2009, is to be the first release on the newly launched Geffen Records. First single ‘Sweat (Until The Morning)’ is due on June 8th and the band joining James Morrison on a spring and summer UK tour, with their own headline dates in between.

Vagabond — Alex Vargas (vocals, guitar) Stephen Carter (guitar), Luke Fitton (guitar), Sam Odiwe (bass) and Karl Penney (drums) are young, top-down, sun-streaked, blue-eyed soul. In Alex Vargas they have a bold and ardent front-man, a cross between Michael Hutchence and Bryan Ferry, with a voice that holds a secret plan for world domination.

The 11 tracks off ‘You Don’t Know The Half Of It’ flit seamlessly between earthy, soulful pop and synth-tinged rock. The title, taken from a lyric in album track ‘Smile Of Mona Lisa’, is a reminder not to judge Vagabond too quickly. “You can’t listen to one or two tracks off our album and think you know what Vagabond is all about”, explains Alex Vargas. “You’ve got to hear the whole package”. Debut single ‘Sweat (Until the Morning)’ finds the quintet in laid-back, seductive mode while the band’s heavier, more explosive tendencies are revealed on tracks like ‘Ladelle’ and ‘I’ve Been Wanting You’. Vargas cites the gospel-tinged ‘Don’t Wanna Run No More’ as being particularly meaningful. “It’s about giving up the chase and realizing there was no point in trying anymore”, Vargas says. “Writing that track was quite therapeutic–to get it out was a huge weight off my shoulders”.

“A rare-airwaves friendly sound, expect to hear more from these guys in 2009″
Joe Shooman – Daily Star

“Very brilliant indeed and could end up being the sound of independent radio until the end of time itself”.
Peter Robinson – Popjustice

“In Alex Vargas they've got a front-man who just happens to have one of the most impressive white soul voices since Mick Hucknall, Steve Winwood and Robert Palmer”.
Paul Lester – The Guardian Online

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