Vagabond @Manchester

13th May 2009
Dry Bar, Manchester

“Top shelf pop with international ambitions” – Music Week

”They could be the world's biggest new band” – The Guardian

The first band signed to the newly-revived Geffen label, Vagabond, have roots in Uruguay, Denmark, East London and Huddersfield.

Otherwise known as, Alex Vargas (vocals, acoustic guitar), Stephen Carter (guitar), Luke Fitton (guitar), Sam Odiwe (bass) and Karl Penney (drums).

“We were a band before we even knew it” says Luke. “It's luck I guess, being in the right place at the right time. Just so happens we found each other in a studio in Kent.”

We should be grateful for this twist of fate and chance meeting. Vagabond are the band to watch this year.

Their début single on Geffen ‘Sweat (Until The Morning)’, is the perfect introduction to the Vagabond sound – laid-back blue-eyed soul featuring twanging, Parliament-style guitars and a seductive vocal.

Although, there may be countless bands vying for attention in 2009, Vagabond need not worry. In Alex Vargas they have a bold and ardent front-man, a cross between Michael Hutchence and Bryan Ferry, with a voice that holds a secret plan for world domination. Musically, they flit between earthy, soulful pop and synth-tinged rock—every track is steeped in melody and eager for the airwaves. A band this persuasive is sure to have a promising year ahead.

“Soul is the thread that runs through everything we do,” explains Alex. “Our tastes span pop, rock, lounge, funk and blues, but it's these clashes that make us interesting, that make us who we are”.

“Otherwise we'd be just another indie band”, says Luke with a grin.

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