The Pioneers, Liverpool

Saturday 28th June @ Carling Academy, Liverpool
The Pioneers
Aspen Grove
The Kid From Argentina
Branco Heist
Doors 7pm

pi•o•neer –noun: one who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress

The Pioneers are not the first band from the Wirral with ambitions to musicalise the masses, but this young moody band of cooler than thou ragamuffins are striving for melodic perfection. Capturing teenage angst while it still can be called angst and expressing simple longing and desire – washed in with a bit of hormones.

Don’t let the age fool you though. Hidden amongst the developing skills and song writing is a belying maturity, waiting to blossom.

They are supported by Aspen Grove, another young band who are hard at work on breaking free of the shackles of Liverpool – appearing in Bremen, Germany for Breminale Festival. They are all signing melody and tune indie rock, with enough chipper to brighten most days.

Opening are The Kind From Argentina for a more wall of sound rock variety and Branco Heist modern indie sleaze who spend half their time in London and half in Liverpool

This amazing lineup is once again brought ot you by Glasswerk 😉

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