The Others @ The Lexington - Saturday 24th September
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The Others @ The Lexington – Saturday 24th September

They may have slipped out of the public conscious, they may have veered off the radar, but they never went away. Now they have resurfaced. Brace yourself for another abrasive onslaught from The Others.

It’s seven years now since Dominic Masters pioneered social networking in the most basic of ways – making his phone number available to all who wanted it, then answering any call he received, replying to every message. In The Others, Dominic offered a sanctuary for the disparate youth who weren’t at home in the mainstream. Still his favourite song to date, “This is For The Poor” was almost a call to arms for the disenfranchised. A more angry, darker “Mis-Shapes” by Pulp, if you will.

These were the days when guerrilla gigs were the epitome of DIY punk rather than corporate commercial endeavours and impromptu performances on the Underground, in the BBC reception, on The Dodgems and countless other places, set The Others apart and offered them national profile which Dominic Masters exploited fully and often controversially. No-one just “quite liked” The Others, they loved them or hated them.

Fast-forward to the present day and the drive behind the band is still as urgent as ever. The last 36 months have seen changes to the line-up (one out, two in), dozens of songs written, probably enough for a third AND fourth album, and meticulous rehearsals. Some of these songs will be aired in public for the very first time on Saturday September 24th when the band returns as a live unit, headlining The Lexington. Super Bok and Double Pernod are stand out tracks that show both a certain maturity of the band and the dynamism that can be achieved with 5 members rather than 4, yet maintain the snarling anger and viciousness that Masters can inject into his lyrics.

Brace yourselves. The Others, the band who never went away, are back.

Support comes from The Supernovas

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