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The Orb Hits The Road In November!

  • Thursday, November 2, 2023, at Dreamland Ballroom in Margate.
  • Thursday, November 9, 2023, at Hangar 34 in Liverpool
  • Friday, November 24, 2023, at The Baths in Ipswich
  • Saturday, November 25, 2023, at Waterfront in Norwich, kicking off at
  • Thursday, November 30, 2023, at O2 Academy Birmingham
  • Friday, December 1, 2023, at Quarterhouse in Folkestone

Step into the unparalleled sonic realm of The Orb, led by the enigmatic Alex Paterson, as they continue to push the boundaries of electronic and ambient music. With a legendary career spanning over three decades, The Orb’s upcoming release, “Prism,” is causing quite a stir among critics and fans alike.

“Prism” marks their eighteenth studio album and is poised to be a milestone in their extensive discography, with early reviews suggesting that it’s their most ambitious and groundbreaking work in years. This release reaffirms The Orb’s status as true pioneers of the electronic music scene.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. In September 2023, The Orb is set to join forces once again with the iconic David Gilmour for “Metallic Spheres In Colour,” building on their successful 2010 collaboration. The blend of The Orb’s signature ambient soundscapes and Gilmour’s virtuosity promises an unmissable musical experience.

As The Orb embarks on an extensive tour, with a stop in Liverpool at Hangar 34 on Thursday, November 9, 2023, music enthusiasts can anticipate a live performance like no other. This tour promises to be a journey to uncharted musical territories, tapping into distant planets and dystopian soundscapes, solidifying “Prism” as a modern masterpiece that speaks to a new generation of music lovers.

Alex Paterson, a true original in the world of music, has maintained his love for DJing throughout his illustrious career. Whether spinning tracks at London’s WNBC or at international hotspots, his DJ sets remain a testament to his unwavering dedication to the art of sound.

Join us on these upcoming tour dates for a musical experience that defies boundaries:

Get ready to immerse yourself in The Orb’s unparalleled sonic odyssey, and be part of a musical experience that will be talked about for years to come. This is not just a concert; it’s a sonic adventure of the highest order.

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