The New Devices @ Manchester

Dry Bar, Manchester
30th May

The New Devices write indie-electro anthems about debauched nights, mischief and sometimes the regrettable mornings after. Listening to them, you can clearly hear the dance influences driving the songs, but there's a wide rock'n'roll soundscape offering the big catchy choruses that could fill football terraces and stadiums. If Soulwax and Crystal Castles had and illegitimate love child, this electro version of The Rakes would be it.

The live performance cements The New Devices sound, with Guz Lally using live instruments and Justin Stones as the killer frontman. In this digital age where increasingly you are your own DJ and the shuffle option on your iPod is your main form of musical adventure, The New Devices offer that thrill of 'where am I going to be taken next.'

The two like minded musicians randomly met at a squat party in notorious East London and apart from a lengthy argument about music and the promise of meeting up with clearer minds, little can be remembered…

Immediately, hanging out together turned into mini adventures around the bars of Camden, Hoxton and Soho – anywhere still serving booze with a good DJ. Ideas were developed and the motley pair turned motley duo – The New Devices.

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