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THE LAST CHANCE TO DANCE @ 93 Feet East, London

Saturday 11th July, 7.30pm- 1am, £5adv
Address: 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL
Phone: 0207 247 3293


The Laurel Collective are a London based collision of sound and vocals who released their techni-colored debut e.p on Domino offshoot Double Six Records last year.
Feel good Hits of a Nuclear Winter was an 8 track mini-album of epic mutant-pop anthems that eschewed all of the genres clichés, being neither twee nor laden with jangly guitars, its rousing songs burst with passion and fizzing, frazzled synths.
Following last summers appearances at Glasto, V, Isle of White and a schlew of ’09 London dates, tour duties continue with Micachu and the Shapes this April. The Fax of Death e.p receives an extremely limited release on 8/6, seeing the band dive headlong into a mash up of different sounds, from the tropical melancholy of Fax of Death (John Kennedy “Hot One” & “Big One” on Xfm) to the robo-math rock jitter of No Pirates Left, held together by vocal duet Martin Sakutu and Bob Tollast.
The e.p has the same penchant for big tunes that won them the support of Huw Stephens and Steve Lamacq plus sees new fans Gideon Coe and Tom Robinson (6 Music) with a much more stripped down sound, produced and mixed by the band themselves in their East London warehouse/ studio space, The Briggs.
It is the work of a band coming into their stride and defining their own sound as electro, hip-hop and DFA style beats collide into exciting pop hooks whilst tracks switch tack with A.D.D abandon over four tracks.
The e.p will be available as a piece of customized artwork directed by the band themselves, and includes a ticket to their soon to be legendary D.I.Y secret forest festival In The Woods. The limited format will be painted by the band and nipple mounted on a piece of painted vinyl, so removing the c.d temporarily defaces the artwork, which is unified in the same picture. It’s an idea inspired by Acid Mothers Temples blurring of art/ release with their much sought after Magical Powers from Mars E.Ps and in this case the release is like a souvenir of the gig.

Set to be one of the hottest (pray for sun) parties of the year, In The Woods will have a pretty special line up and is currently being curated by the Laurels. Already confirmed are Jeffery Lewis, Micachu and The Shapes, Alessi plus advocate of the TLC, John Kennedy from Xfm will be the Master of Ceremonies.
Add to this Hindenburg Mile High Club, the Laurels monthly residency at the Wilmington Arms in Farringdon and you’ve got a summer of fun and frolics.
Following an airwave tearing spin by B.B.C 6..s Tom Robinson (we are glad to say said airwave has since been repaired by some very posh boffins from the b.b.c radiophonic workshop) Fax of Death from the fourthcoming e.p of the same name was dropped by Gideon Coe on his show next to Micachu and White Denim. Thanks guys!
Bad news for the boffins that have to fix that battered airwave, good news for Laurels.
This is all following on from great radio support for our D.I.Y effort from Jon Kennedy and Jon Hillcock at XFM, who have sent Fax over radio like a runaway train slamming right in your ears, or just a good song on the radio.
Look out for next months Laurels feature in Clash magazine where me (bob) and Al (bass/bass synth/some bass frequencies in his voice) lay into a whole bunch of singles and make a shit load of enemies in the singles review section.

“When you hear an unsigned band and by the middle of the song forget they’re unsigned you know it’s good. London-based foursome The Brent Flood is that band. Lyrically intelligent and musically brilliant, every track on their third self-published offering, The Autumn 2007 EP could be in the charts today” –
Somewhere in deepest, darkest Tooting this Anglo-Irish quartet is gathering momentum, living under one roof and sharing musical ideas in the basement like germs… After reaching the finals of the Nationwide O2 battle of the bands in late 2006 The Brent Flood appeared on Playmusic Magazine's cover-mount CD of the best UK unsigned music, were listed in’s Top 10 Unsigned Bands of 2007 and were victorious at the 2008 Indy Awards in the category of Best Indie.
“A brilliant example of engaging British song writing…Bursting with delicious melodies to chew over” – Playmusic Magazine
“This is not retro, this is something new, and this band could only exist now. Or maybe in the future.” –

4 or 5 Magicians are a four or five piece alternative rock outfit from Brighton, UK. They take most obvious influence from the golden era of American indie rock … Guided by Voices, REM, Nirvana, The Replacements, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, The Pixies, Built to Spill, and early Weezer and Everclear, but could write a list as long as your arm of bands who have influenced them, and even then, you’d have to have a pretty long arm, and a pretty fine nib on your ballpoint.
The band have released two singles to date, 'Forever On The Edge' and double a-side 'Change The Record / Ideal Man', both have which were awarded single of the week status by Steve Lamacq, as well as picking up a stack of glowing reviews in all areas of the press, not least the NME who featured the band as one of their tips for 2009, and have since labelled the songwriting of frontman Dan Ormsby as “simply magnificent”.
Dan (Vocals, Guitar) is joined live by Sam Clarke (Guitar), Ivan Berry (Bass), and Alex Wilkinson (Drums). Following a run of select London shows and festival appearances during the summer, the band will take their blistering and unpredictable live show on a mammoth tour of the UK incorporating all four countries, in October, through November, into December.
Eagerly awaited debut LP 'Empty, Derivative Pop Songs' will be released October 12th on Smalltown America Records, preceded by a free download single 'Nice Little Earner' on October 5th.”
“Brighton five-piece 4 or 5 Magicians are more exciting than the prospect of Paul Daniels actually fulfilling his long-running promise to leave the country under a Labour regime. With lyrics so slick they make Alex Turner sound like a spluttering old colonel struggling with a cream bun and equal parts lo-fi bedroom fuzz and glorious art-pop melody (think Supergrass meets Shellac) we're struggling to think of one solitary loser who won't like this band. They're going to be the new Manic Street Preachers, but with less tights and guy-liner” NME – Tip For 2009, Jan 7th 2009.
“The songs mainman Dan Ormsby comes up with are quite simply magnificent … [Empty, Derivative Pop Songs] is massive!” – Jaimie Hodgson, NME New Music Editor.
“Such great song construction!” STEVE LAMACQ on 6music single of the week 'Change The Record'.
“I really like the juxtaposition of the sort of dismissiveness and confidence rubbing-up against each other…a clattering pop-noise that weaves the singer along” – STEVE LAMACQ, on Radio 1 single of the week 'Forever On The Edge'.
“the sort of lo-fi attack jam that Kurt Cobain would have creamed over” – ROCKSOUND live review.
“very nearly stirring enough to make you put some pants on and run down to Capital FM with a big gun. Marvellously cynical alt.rock grubbiness. More please!” – THE FLY on 'Change The Record'.
“A contender for the best lyric of the year … Lo-fi indie rock at its best” – 8/10 – DROWNEDINSOUND.COM on 'Forever On The Edge'.
“more than a bit special” – PLAYMUSIC Magazine – unsigned indie/rock band of the year, 2008.
“At last a believeable British retort to the drawling rambles of Stephen Malkmus. Think Hefner's Darren Hayman fronting Guided By Voices. Ace.” – MUSIC WEEK.
“Really, really exciting” + “SOOOO SOOOO GOOD!” + other such enthusings – HUW STEPHENS, Radio 1.

Formerly known as The Art Of Opposition, Geometrics have had a lot of Air play on shows such as Steve Lamacq & Huw Stephen's “BBC6” & “In New Music We Trust” Shows, John Kennedy's XFM show, & Virgin Radio France. Over the last few months the band have played a heap full of shows up and down the country with acts such as Kate Nash , Bombay Bicycle Club , The Paddingtons , The Metros , Pete & The Pirates , Little Man Tate

Swanton Bombs are a two piece rock outfit from the East London/Essex borderline.
Brendan Heaney (drums) and Dominic McGuinness (guitar and vocals) have been playing together since meeting in their first year of secondary school in 2000 but only formed Swanton Bombs in early 2008.
For anyone who has witnessed one of the duo’s early live shows – all taut, thunderous drumming and jackhammer riffs – their debut, the ‘Mammoth Skull’ EP comes as something of an unexpected surprise as Swanton Bombs deliver the curve ball of four tracks of near pop perfection.
Throughout, the songs are brimming with ideas and unexpected twists and turns. Both Shock and Turnstile are heady rushes of literate piano and guitar driven punk and pop, steeped in wide eyed melodies. This contrasts with the woozy, surrealism of Moth and Moon Song and EP closer, Vanishing Point: a rousing mini-epic steeped in four in the morning, swaying romanticism.
What with your favourite London-by-way-of-Essex Britpop band reforming and playing not one but two dates in Hyde Park, it's perfect timing to discover some more quintessentially London love from a indie native outfit. Swanton Bombs could be just what you're looking for. and are doing a very nice job at ticking all your catchy boxes without crossing the line into twee. You can definitely hear a bit of conversational Albarn in there with a noughties twist, the Bombs sharing the young Brit sound of the Friendly Fires without the synths and dance sensibility.
From the Never Judge A Book By Its Cover Department, we present Swanton Bombs. Though named after one of wrestler Jeff Hardy's dangerous moves, this band couldn't really look or sound any less pugilistic. Skinny and befringed, and with brittle and wordy songs like Sorrysayer and Shock, the Londoners are making a role for themselves as something like a British Vampire Weekend. Formed around the core duo of Dominic McGuinness and Brendan Heaney, their early shows apparently showcased a rowdier and more abstract version of themselves, which should serve them well as they venture out with the heavier Threatmantics and Video Nasties. In their current incarnation, they already have an album-length release, Smoke Over Swanton, doing the rounds among the curious. The current Mammoth Skull EP, meanwhile, marks their official debut. THE GUARDIAN
Anyways, songs like ‘Leave The Boy’ and ‘Sorrysayer’ certainly have an air of the raw garage-blues ethic that The White Stripes popularised in the earlier years of this decade. ‘Turnstile’ is more reminiscent of the harmonies and melodies of the new age Mystery Jets. Put it this way, this isn’t indie by numbers. And if you’re going to pick two bands to emulate then those two aren’t half bad. I imagine you’ll be hearing more about them on this blog in the future. In fact, let’s be hyperbolic, THEY ARE THE FUTURE ARTROCKER

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