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The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown – Tour

The original dates scheduled for autumn 2020 have been postponed until summer 2021 as below, and a London date has been added!

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown On Tour With New Show

The God of Hellfire says:

“Come celebrate with us in the new immersive multimedia tour by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. ‘A Human Perspective‘. The show that Kingdom Come always wanted to do in the 70s. Now possible with the latest developments in technology. A full evening of “psychedelic individuality, ingenuity and madness.”
Featuring great musicians, iconic dance, stunning visuals, and sonic adventure.
This is your chance to be part of the whole genuine psychedelic experience.
Come dressed as elaborately, creatively, flamboyant or low key as you feel….
All of life is there. Come celebrate!” 


May 28 2021 – Whitley Bay Playhouse – TICKETS

May 27 2021 – Sale Waterside – TICKETS

Jun 3 2021 – Swindon Wyvern – TICKETS

Jun 4 2021 – London Bush Hall – TICKETS

Jun 10 2021 – Leeds City Variteties – TICKETS

Jun 11 2021 – Lowestoft Marina – TICKETS

Jun 12 2021 – Tewkesbury Roses – TICKETS

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