Strung Out Live In Manchester
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Strung Out Live In Manchester

Legendary punk upstarts Strung Out are playing a handful of headline dates in the UK this summer, and Manchester is one of the lucky places they are passing through. 20 years and 7 albums later, the band are still living the dream.

Strung Out / Versus The World / Fair Do’s
Tuesday 7th July at Ruby Lounge Manchester

Strung Out’s latest album, Agents Of The Underground, is not only their 7th full length, but it also marks the band’s 20th anniversary and is a true testament to their relevance and longevity. Think about it: two decades. Two decades in the underground with thousands of live shows, tours on five (5!) different continents, over a million records sold… and they’ve managed to do it all while on an independent record label. More striking than their massive sales, which is a notable for any artist in this day and age, but the fact that the band that has never had help from “the industry”. They may not have household name status, but they do have a colossal worldwide following and a loyal fan base that has been with them since the very start. Such is Strung Out’s true legacy: devotion to the music, devotion to the band, and devotion to the fans.

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