Strawhouses @ Liverpool

Strawhouses – 'A Good Night Out'
Single Launch Party
Saturday 11th April 2009
O2 Academy
Hotham Street

“One of Liverpool's most hotly tipped bands of the moment” – Liverpool Echo

Strawhouses is all about that feeling that we're living blissfully unaware that we're on unsteady ground. Built on a forte for intense and emotional live sets, with gripping melodies and soaring guitars underpinned by inventive and unsettling rhythms.

They are Liverpool’s anti-heroes and the bête noire of the ‘Mersey Sound’. They are firing a shot across the bows of British Indie Music with the release on Possible Records of their debut single ‘A Good Night Out’ on 18th May.

It’s a statement of intent that cannot be ignored. A Good Night Out instantly hits you, somewhat eerily, as an anthem of our current times… ‘We got a little greedy, and selfishness became the rule, someone’s got to suffer, I guess that’s just the way of the world…’ Donnelly’s lyrics and their melodies will haunt and delight you in equal measure, lodging themselves firmly within your consciousness.

Recorded at Highfield & JWS studios with their good friend and esteemed producer Jon Withnall (Coldplay/Feeder/Elbow) the band are accompanying the single release with a fantastic home-town launch party in Liverpool's O2 Academy.

Having already gigged extensively across the country and supported Red Light Company and NME favourites Die! Die! Die! Strawhouses have been amassing fans far and wide with their unique and heart stopping anthems. They do not hide the influences of Radiohead, Buckley and The Bunnymen, but these boys are far too good to slip into the familiar territory of tribute or pastiche, rather their influences are mirrored in the incredible musicianship and intellectual weight of their music.

Building towards their debut album, ‘A Good Night Out’ is the most important and enriching single you’ll hear all year… musically, politically, and industrially!

“Deep lyrics are wed to sweeping music that can build from beauty before unleashing its beast!” – Indie-Pendent (Fanzine)

“Hearing a snippet of ‘These are the willing’ by Liverpool band ‘Strawhouses’ energises the soul and certainly stops you in your tracks.” – Glasswerk

“Strawhouses are instantaneously brilliant, their melodies haunting you for days after hearing them only once. Well done them.” – Another Late Night Magazine

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