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Steve’n’Seagulls: Lager & Life Tour!

Since going viral with one huge bang in the summer of 2014 – Steve’n’Seagulls have been touring internationally. Throughout that period of time the UK and Ireland have been an important part of every tour – and this year makes no exception. Seagulls are happy to fly to the islands again. Lager and life tour 2023 will bring Steve’n’Seagulls to eight locations and you are in for a treat!

Band has been touring widely around the world throughout the year 2023. From Finland to North America – following Mexico and Australia. Then all over Europe and home country of Finland. Steve’n’Seagulls are on the move and with a mission of bringing the good times and the joy of bluegrass/newgrass/rock to every location they land on. The set includes music from all of their four albums on their catalogue and even some unreleased pearls from their upcoming album number five.

“We’re very happy to come back to tour the UK and Ireland! It’s been a while and maybe even a bit too long. We know that people there like to party, have a good time and have a few beers. That’s close to our hearts also. We’ve upgraded our stage production and performance since the last time there – So let’s play some good old classics, something yet to be released and have a good time!” The band states of their upcoming Lager and life tour 2023

Steve’n’Seagulls is a band from the North – from Finland to be precise. Their music has been described as newgrass, country, rock, bluegrass and progressive bluegrass. And the band states that they are all of this and more. During their live set you’ll find plenty of instruments played on stage. Banjo, accordion, upright bass, drum set, mandolins, acoustic guitar, flute etc change hands – sometimes even during one song. And you’re in for good times with these Finns! After releasing three videos on their YouTube channel during the summer of 2014 the band quickly went viral all over the world. So far their videos have reached over 309 million views and their take on AC/DC classic Thunderstruck has been viewed over 161 million times on their YouTube alone. They have played in over 30 countries on four continents. All of their four albums have reached the album chart in Finland and also the Billboard charts in North America. Their second album Brothers in farms became the first Finnish album to reach number 1 position on the Billboard Bluegrass chart. Even though Steve’n’Seagulls are known for their artistic and cheerful renditions of rock and metal classics – they have also introduced their original music on three of their albums.

Catch Steve’n’Seagulls live in Birmingham, Castle & Falcon on the 8th November

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