St. Spirit - Residency at The Bowery
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St. Spirit – Residency at The Bowery, London

St. Spirit are a band of 19-year-olds from South London, a real band, with all the ballsy idealism and emotional sensitivity that entails. Fronted by songwriter and guitarist Myles McCabe, the band craft tunes from sweet melodies spun around choppy chords and wrung through a broad and bold lyrical palette.

The music sees them move from the tender and lilting harmonies of Brian Wilson to the feedback and angles of My Bloody Valentine and formed as a group after hearing their seminal album – Loveless.

With a set of recordings completed at co-songwriter and guitarist Sam Robson’s house, they release their first official video, an animated story of life and death for the beautiful and panoramic 'Build a Life' – which is available for viewing on their web site link

A free single download of ‘Build a Life’ is set to follow on September the 26th from the bands web site backed with new recordings and remixes.

Tuesday 6th September with Dead Read Sun link & Killington Fall link
Tickets: link FB: link

Monday 12th September with Special Guests

Tuesday 20th September with The Draytones link & Guile link
Tickets: link FB: link

Tuesday 27th September 'Build A Life' Single Launch with The Naturals link

The Bowery – 36-38 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1EP

All tickets available from Ticketwerk: link

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