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Rachael Sage, Liverpool and Manchester

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Rachael Sage
13th September @ Mello Mello, Liverpool
14th September @ Jabez Clegg, Manchester

The outstanding musicianship of critically acclaimed, award winning US singer – songwriter and producer Rachael Sage, returns to the UK in the form of an album of superior class and quality – ‘Delancey Street’. Released on September 13 and her ninth album to date Delancey St will be preceded by the art-rock/folk/pop – and soon to be summer smash – ‘Big Star’ on August 30.

Weaving ‘beyond-her-years’ lyrical wisdom within deliciously enjoyable melodies, Rachael Sage uses music as her canvass, painting a vivid picture of everyday life and emotions within her ancestral and current home, New York’s Lower East Side. ‘Delancey Street’ is a melodic exploration of an individual’s identity, delving into the chasms of cultural family history, heritage and how our roots shape our destiny. After over a decade of living a migrant existence, Sage finally decided to re-establish her foundations, balance her life and solidify her relationships and ‘Delancey Street’ is where she discovered her true grounding – it’s the ‘coming home’ of her inner musical expression.

Enveloping velvety smooth Kate Bush-esque vocals, within a unique art-rock/folk/pop fusion, ‘Delancey Street’, delivers 13 snap-shots of beautifully articulated life experiences, conveyed with overwhelming heartfelt sentiment from the very emotive Ms Sage. iTunes commented, “At the core of Delancey Street is a heartfelt quality that goes beyond intellectual exercise”. Eleven of these tracks are original lyrical pennings and compositions by Rachael Sage, with the twelfth song being a delicate and sensitive cover of the Hall & Oates classic, ‘Rich Girl’.

‘Delancey Street’, is Rachael Sage’s ninth album release to date, and arguably her most inspired. Mixed by Grammy Winner, Kevin Killen (Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush) and recorded by longtime accomplice, John Shyloski (Stephen Kellogg, Johnny Winter), the album also features Rachael’s long-time touring band, The Sequins.

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