Polly Scattergood @ Manchester

14th April
Night & Day, Manchester

Born and raised just outside of Colchester, this 21 year old began concocting her bittersweet brew 10 years ago when, aged 11, she found a guitar under the stairs in her parent’s house. Built around fractious yet pretty guitar and piano (she plays a Stylophone and accordion, too), Polly Scattergood’s peculiar talent conjures up a looking glass world where nothing is quite how it first appears to be.

More creative than a person has a right to be, Polly not only writes brilliantly unsettling odd pop, she also writes poetry and makes films.

Currently putting the finishing touches to her debut album due out in March 2009 through Mute and soon to unveil a live show that is as arresting and powerful as her recordings, expect more revelations from this extraordinary young artist in 2009.

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