MC Lars - Manchester
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MC Lars – Manchester, Liverpool

Proving that laptop is more than enough for music creation indie hip-hoppers and laptop rappers MC Lars, MC Chris and Weerd Science are bringing the fusion of American iGeneration to the UK. Accompanied by UK’s own Akira the Don they will be performing:

25th May – Mojo, Liverpool
26th May – Ruby Lounge, Manchester

MC Lars (Berkley, CA) for more than 10 years has been shaking world with his own originated genre ‘post-punk laptop rap’ as MC Lars Horris and since 2004 simply as MC Lars. His music combines technology, current affairs, humour and English/American poetry. After two years in progress this year he is releasing his new, more conceptual album ‘Lars Attacks’

Together with:

Rapper and improvisational comedian MC Chris (Brooklyn, NY) is frequently described with the term of ‘nerdcore’, addressing the world of the web and computer game generation.

Joshua Eppard aka Weerd Science (Kingston, NY) been rapping for over 15 years alongside to his other projects. His SiCk KiDs is due to be released later on this year.

Akira the Don (UK) the master of remixes and mash-ups, and a musician who breaks the boundaries between hip-hop, dance and pop is releasing his second LP ‘The Life Equation’.

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