Lost Alone - Manchester
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Lost Alone – Manchester

LostAlone plus Mojo Fury
22nd May 2012 @ The Dry Br Manchester

ostAlone spent five weeks recording in Los Angeles during May 2010 with acclaimed producers, Jacknife Lee (Weezer, U2, REM, Bloc Party), Greg Wells (Mika, Deftones, Katy Perry), executive producer Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and mixers Mark Needham (Killers, Fleetwood Mac, MCR) and Alan Moulder (Smashing pumpkins, NIN, Foo Fighters).
Steven comments – “Recording with Jacknife Lee and Greg Wells opened up new ways of recording to us and enabled us to achieve the ambition I had always had for the band, being let loose in such amazing studios was our dream and we utilised everything they had to offer. I feel as though we’ve made a giant leap forward from our debut album and in terms of how I hear LostAlone in my head, we are now closer than ever. ”

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