Kenneths & Waco Co-headline Show
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Kenneths & Waco Co-headline Show

Glasswerk are proud to present Kenneths & Waco. Two punk bands hailing from various parts of the UK. You can catch both of them live as part of their upcoming co-headline tour., expect mowhawks, saftey pins and a lot of pushing and shoving! For tickets check out the link below

6th October – Fac 251 – Manchester


Who are The Kenneths?

The Kenneths are a three-piece rock band.

The Kenneths are from London.

The Kenneths are Lewis, Aicha and Josh.

Having been a band for less than a year, they’ve already released two E.P’s and toured relentlessly, including every date on the Vans Warped Tour, America’s largest travelling music festival.

Coming together in December 2014 over a mutual love of Descendents, Weezer, The Cars and Stiff Little Fingers, The Kenneths quickly recorded their debut E.P ‘K’ after just three rehearsals.

“We wanted to capture the energy of when you first start playing together. A power trio, live, in a room, drums, bass, guitar and voice”, says Josh W, vocalist and guitarist. “You’re not entirely sure what you’re doing, which makes it exciting as hell. Also, we could only afford three rehearsals.”

The five track E.P is an explosive, cohesive example of The Kenneths’ made-for-radio pop sensibilities (‘What Happened To The Radio’ and ‘Never Good Friends’) and their outsider, classic UK punk side (‘K.E.N.N.E.T.H.S’ and ‘What Happened To My Sex’). The lyrics are cutting, raucous, cynical, occasionally romantic and annoyingly unforgettable. All of the fat has been cut out and hung up to dry. Three minute songs. Two minute songs. One minute songs.Their first video, recorded in a single afternoon in their rehearsal room, starred singer-songwriter Lianne La Havas.

“‘What Happened To My Sex’ was recorded in a basement in Baker St in London in one take. No overdubs”, drummer Aicha reveals.”It is literally a band in a room, tearing out its frustrations about failure, girls, and sex in one minute and twenty eight seconds. We’d known Lianne for a while, and when she said she was a fan we asked her to be in a video. She jokingly said yes. So we called her up in the cold light of sobriety and asked her again. She came to the studio two days later and knew all the words. We shot the video in 40 minutes, and we bought her two pints to say thanks. That’s a good way to pay for a video.”

Quickly getting on the road up and down the U.K, The Kenneths have garnered a reputation for their turbulent live shows. Playing whenever and wherever they could.

“We have a LOT of fun on stage. We want the shows to be like getting a sweaty punch in the face,” says bassist Lewis Maynard.“It’s been absolutely insane seeing people singing along at shows so early on in our career.”

Consequence Of Sound debuted The Kenneths second E.P ‘E’ in June, recorded again in just four days, completely live, with Alternative Press premiering the video for ‘Cool As You’ in August.

“All I had to do was watch their video once and I know I wanted to bring them over, and for Warped to be their first U.S Tour.” – Kevin Lyman, Vans Warped Tour founder and producer.

It’s better than booze and drugs put together. It’s a filthy, sweaty, sing-along great time.

It’s The Kenneths.


Pure punk rock goodness from beautiful Grey Britain. The new EP ‘Sundown‘ is out on Venn Records limited to 100 tapes.

Towards the end of last year Waco uploaded the video for ‘Agitation’ and soon word spread. Radio 1 DJ Dan P Carter first played the band on his Sunday night Rock Show and now even prolific taste maker Zane Lowe is getting in on the action spinning ‘Wrangler’ during his prime-time 7pm slot.

Gallows guitarist and Venn Records executive Laurent ‘Lags’ Barnard explains how he stumbled upon the band. “My buddy Steve Sears, who I’ve been working with on the Gallows and Krokodil albums, played me these guys he recorded not too long ago. They were called Waco. I fell in love with the hooks and realness of the songs straight away. Next thing I know, I’m hitting the band up to find out what their plans were for the EP release. These are anthems to singalong to until there’s nothing left.”

The quartet, hailing from the weirder ends of the UK (North Yorkshire, Jersey and Coventry), came together through their animalistic compulsion to make noise and their perverted goal to get inside peoples heads, like squatters in an empty condo. Now it looks like they’re here to stay.

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