Kate McGill
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Kate McGill, London and Manchester

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Kate McGill
25th June upstairs @ Garage, London
6th July @ Moho Live, Manchester

Kate still thinks that she is your average 20 year old girl from Plymouth. She was until she started her craze with YouTube in November 2007, then 17 year old Kate didn’t really know the scale of youtube and just posted videos for a bit of fun. Every so often she would choose her favourite song, sit in front of her video camera in her bathroom and sing.

Kate’s infectious personality grew on the online community she says “the more compliments I was getting, the more confident I was, the more videos I uploaded, the more I realised this is what I want to do”.

Her confidence is rather like her fanbase, ever growing. In the past year it has grown from 1000 subscribers to 10,000 and onto above 60,000 making Kate the 10th most subscribed musician on Youtube in the UK.

She remembers “it took me months and months to get up to 100 subscribers, and I was full on excited when I did”.

2010 is Kate’s year, she is currently writing for her first album in London and LA. She took the decision to involve her fans the whole way through the creative process of writing an album she says “I think it’s such a good way of broadcasting myself, people can see my strengths and my flaws, it’s just really real and I can be myself”.

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