Jamie Scott & The Town @ London and Manchester

Jamie Scott & The Town
+ Special Guests
93 Feet East
150 Brick Lane E1 6QL
Wednesday 3rd December
£7 available from Ticket Page

Jamie Scott & The Town
+ Tim Allen / Second Hand Wings
Dry Bar
Oldham St M1 1JS
Thursday 4th December
£6adv from Ticket Page

Jamie Scott & The Town return from their European invasion to headline Brick Lane’s 93 Feet East and Manchesters Dry Bar.

For a man who first picked up a guitar aged seven and taught himself to play, music was clearly a natural compulsion, and the one he was used to giving in to. Scott’s musical loves and influences now are one and the same as the varied bunch he grew up listening to.

From his mother, Jamie developed an appreciation of James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Carole King. “Tapestry was the first album I ever heard through my mum playing it in the house all the time. I was seven years old and I remember staring at the sleeve and listening to the music, just being totally mesmerised by the music. I didn’t know what it was about then but I was just touched by it.”

The previous comparisons to Jamiroquai that he once attracted seem pretty one-dimensional, probably an observation based on his dextrous and soulful voice. In truth, the Jamie Scott of Park Bench Theories is less easy-on-the-ear funk and, if comparisons must be drawn, somewhere between Jeff Buckley meets Stevie Wonder.

“So easy on the ear it's like having your lobes tickled by seraphim wearing silk mittens”
– guardian.co.uk

“A cross between James Morrison and Jeff Buckley with the addition of a stunning soulful voice and some commercial funk” – ents24.com

“A pleasure to listen to” – unrealitytv.co.uk

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