Hoodie Ledbetter at E.V.A.C
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Hoodie Ledbetter at E.V.A.C

11 July @ E.V.A.C (East Village Arts Club)
Hoodie Ledbetter
Osaka Punch
Diamond Days
Call off The Search

Glasswerk is proud to present electronic duo hailing from Liverpool;Hoodie Ledbetter to accompany them on a special one off show in E.V.A.C (previously Barfly!) With diverse musical affiliations such as blues, drum and bass and electronic, Hoodie Ledbetter are surely set out to dominate the electronic world!

Hoodie Ledbetter

In the last eighteen months Liverpool guitar-driven electronic duo Hoodie Ledbetter have been making their name as a unique live experience. They set the recent Bestival show in Liverpool alight with searing lead guitar, drum and bass driven blues riffs and highly original vocal melodies allied with stinging raps. With synchs on X Box games and a collaboration with Basement Jaxx in the bag Hoodie Ledbetter are creating something truly special.

Frontman Kirk Ward is the guitar slinging bastard son of an orgy of wild western anti-heroes and rock gods. Think of Lee Van Cleef mating with Lemmy while Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck and Steve Vai nervously snigger and watch from the wings. All dreading the day this intimidating, instrumental interloper usurps them from their respective thrones.

A melting-pot of raucous, menacing, toe curling, rocking guitar showmanship delivered with a modern drum and bass/electronic speed-blues backdrop. The history, angst and expression of music is wound as tightly within this man’s DNA as it is on the strings of his guitar. The swagger and countenance of the delivery conceals no arrogance or false pretence. It is as honest as it is absorbing and inspiring. Take away his guitar and you’ll all still follow him under fire through any boscage.

“Our sound was born out of playing parties, covers of The Blockheads and Rage Against the Machine to the Kinks while jamming on hip-hop, drum & bass and r&b grooves for hours to keep the girls dancing so it was always diverse and kinetic’ says Kirk. ‘We stuck as many original tunes in as we could get away with and found that people loved it as long as the grooves were right…what’s clear is that shredding electric guitar is definitely not a thing of the past when it comes to blowing people’s minds…’
Described variously as “The Mohammad Ali of Guitar” (by none other than Prince’s guitarist Miko Weaver) and ‘a true guitar hero’ by local and national music press who described them thus…’

’Hoodie Ledbetter are a visceral and dynamic power duo in the most startling and entertaining manner possible…I needed oxygen after seeing them live…not to be missed’’
Hoodie are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album in a remote studio on the north west coast of Scotland. An EP is due for a release in the very near future.

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Osaka Punch

If you’re familiar with the live music scene in Brisbane, you probably fall into one of two categories: you’re a fan of Osaka Punch! (formerly The Kidney Thieves), or you’ve heard the name, and are yet to witness the spectacle of their live show firsthand.
On the eve of their first official release, the growing hype surrounding this local act is based solely on a virtuosic high-energy live performance showcasing the group’s ability to straddle any genre from authentic old-school funk to extreme modern metal. This flexibility has caused critics to draw comparisons to Frank Zappa and Mr Bungle, and has already earned them support slots with high-profile international acts and the creme-de-la-creme of the popular Australian scene.

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