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Haight-Ashbury, Manchester

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23rd November 2010
Jabez Clegg, Manchester

It's not often you can say a band is unique without seeming deluded or misguided, one listen to psychedelic/folk Glaswegians Haight-Ashbury and it's easy to see they really are such a band.

Wheter it's their haunting twin vocals, unusual live set up or their habit of writing a brilliant baroque pop song and then smashing it to pieces, creating a noise that can change fromm beautiful to surreal in an instant.

Live, they play with no amplifiers but still manage to create a huge sound from just a few instruments, a sound that one music critic described as if the Velvet Underground were the Mamas And The Papas backing band… ok, with a bit of Joni Mitchell, Jesus and Mary Chain, CSN&Y and Pentangle thrown in.

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