Ginger @ Manchester

Laika Dog
4th May Ruby Lounge, Manchester

In early 2001, Ginger set out to release one CD single featuring three new tracks every month for the entire year, in a project known as The Singles Club. This would be the first material released under the name Ginger, and was continued in parallel to tours with Silver Ginger 5 and the recently re-formed Wildhearts. Owing to financial/record company problems at Infernal Records, only 18 tracks were recorded, and only five singles ever released. A compilation of all 18 tracks was released in 2005 as a double album entitled A Break In The Weather.

Following a brief stint at the start of 2005 as a second guitarist within the Brides of Destruction, Ginger's first proper solo album, Valor Del Corazon (Spanish for 'Strength of Heart') was released for fans on 19 December 2005, with an official release on 9 January 2006. it was heavily praised in the press, leading Ginger to headline the Gibson Stage at the Download Festival in June 2006. His next solo offering, Yoni, which was released once again to critical acclaim 22 January 2007.

Following Japanese, UK & US tours in 2007 with the newly reformed Wildhearts (who released a new album also in April 2007), the end of the year saw Ginger living in New York and once again playing as solo performer in addition to his Wildhearts commitments.

A new solo album 'Market Harbour' was released in early 2008: Ginger also played some acoustic gigs in the UK featuring Scott Metzger from America, who isn't Scott Sorry contrary to what earlier rumours may have been.

In recent talks with Ginger he has announced that he plans to release another solo album as soon as possible, but with the Wildhearts recording schedule, the album may not surface until next year (2010)

“Further proof that this extraordinary bloke is incapable of writing a bad tune”
The Sun

“Easily one of the maverick musicians most personal and adventurous outings yet”

“The finest English Songwriter of his generation”

Laika Dog

The band was formed on a high Yorkshire moor top. Tony, Paddy and Sim were building dry stone walls and thought it would be a good idea and a warmer past time to form a band and play the tunes they had been inspired to write. They met up with Parry a week later and got the band started. Tony – still a waller Paddy- joiner Sim – electrician Parry- labourer. Even if you don't like the tunes (which I'm sure you will) they're handy to have around.

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