Feed The Rhino and James Cleaver Quintet
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Feed The Rhino and James Cleaver Quintet, Liverpool

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Feed The Rhino and James Cleaver Quintet
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Monday 8th November
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Nine months young and already making a stir in the UK scene, Feed The Rhino blend catchy groove based riffs with passionate raw vocals.

Hailing from the south of England, singer Lee Tobin, guitarists Sam Colley and James Colley, bassist Oz Craggs and drummer Chris Kybert, have already begun leaving an impact throughout due to their outstanding live shows.

Pure rock and roll with hints of hardcore here and there, Feed The Rhino are making their mark and defining a sound they can call their own.

The James Cleaver Quintet are four of the raddest of rad dudes, sent from the future to rock you 'til you get rocked!

The south coast punks may be called a quintet but there are only four band members, Jack Swagger (vocals and sampler), Maud E. Licious (guitar and vocals), Jimmy Diego (bass and vocals) and Mackerel Skarrington (drums and cymbals).

Thrash Hits has described them best as: “A shot of hardcore punk slammed into a pint full of thrashing experimental chaos with melodies that leave you wanting more until inevitably, it knocks you on your arse.”

So what are you waiting for?

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