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Fay Hield April Tour!

Renowned folk musician Fay Hield is set to enchant audiences with her first-ever solo tour, offering an intimate experience at select venues across the UK this April. After a stellar career collaborating with some of the folk scene’s most eminent musicians, Fay takes center stage to share her captivating voice and a collection of folk songs that span big ballads, silly tunes, and nursery rhymes.

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Born and raised in Yorkshire, Fay Hield’s journey in folk music began in the famous Bacca Pipes Folk Club in Keighley. While studying for a Bachelor of Music in folk and traditional music at Newcastle University, Fay formed the acappella folk quartet the Witches of Elswick in 2001. Her musical pursuits led her to form a bond of community and tradition that would inspire her future work.

After a period of academic study, including completing a PhD in English folk singing and the construction of community, Fay returned to the folk scene leading a trio with Leveret’s Rob Harbron and Sam Sweeney. Her debut album, “Looking Glass,” released on Topic Records in 2010, showcased a mix of traditional songs and ballads.

Fay’s musical journey continued with the formation of the folk supergroup, The Full English, which received two BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. After two years of touring with The Full English, Fay refocused on her solo career, releasing albums like “Orfeo” in 2012 and “Old Adam” in 2016.

Her latest album, “Wrackline,” released after the Modern Fairies research project, explores the space between the known and unknown, delving into themes of ghosts, fairies, spirits, and talking animals. Fay breathes new life into timeless stories, presenting them with a fresh twist and addressing contemporary social issues.

In her solo performances, Fay Hield weaves through magical stories, enveloping audiences in music and prompting contemplation about their relationship with the world. A singer with a rare gift for going straight to the heart of a song, Fay combines vision, inspiration, and outstanding musicianship, creating a fresh and original exploration of what it means to be human.

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