Exit Ten @ Barfly, Liverpool

Barfly, Liverpool
Friday 13th March 2009

“We have put every piece of ourselves into this, and now we are ready. We have something to show you and, trust us it will have been well worth the wait.”

In a day and age of identikit bands with bubblegum squeaks and matching flicks, it is a stunning and welcome proposition when a group as innovative and impressive as EXIT TEN stride your way.

First hitting the UK heavy music scene in 2003, the band are breathing new life into a genre that was slowly losing its steam. With watertight riffs, thundering rhythms and a soaring vocal narration, EXIT TEN have genuinely something fresh and astounding to offer the world’s heavy music fans.

Frontman, Ryan Redman, explains “We have that epic edge. We have big choruses and big grooves. These guys around me are an insanely heavy metal band, and my melodic vocals work as such a contrast to those extremes. I do think that we are totally different to anyone else around…”

With influences ranging from such extremes as epic-prog metal such as Tool, to chart-topping UK heroes Muse, Norwegian black metallers Dimmu Borgir, and cult songwriter Jeff Buckley – it’s easy to see why EXIT TEN have such a unique crossover appeal. “Sonically, we have so many doors to open, so many options to choose from,” explains Ryan. “As we’ve developed there have been so many directions that we can go and different ways that we can write. It gives us much more freedom and much more scope as a band to be this eclectic, and that comes across in this recording.”

With shows under their belts with the Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold, Every Time I Die, Protest The Hero, Soilwork, InMe and Devil Sold His Soul – their jaw-dropping live performances are not something to be missed. Hard work on the UK circuit has perfected their audio assault upon your senses and from the precision perfection of the instrumentals to the amp-scaling, spine-tingling delivery of the charismatic frontman, EXIT TEN have held fans of all ages captivated nationwide. From the UK’s infamous Download festival – where the group converted thousands to their musical manifesto – to intimate shows at some of the country’s most respected clubs –

EXIT TEN have consistently shown their flair for great showmanship and professional execution.

“It feels like we have got better and better at this, and now we have created something to attract the world’s attention,” states Ryan. “We are more rounded now, we have the songs, we have the show and this is not a fad. We love what we have done, and we can’t wait for other people to hear it.”


Ryan Redman (vocals)
James Steele (bass)
Stuart Steele (guitar)
Chris Steele (drums)
Joe Ward (guitar)

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