Rakky Ripper (24) is part of a new wave of Spanish artists. Welcoming a fresh impact on the scene, taking Spanish pop to a new bubblegum / hyper-pop, galaxy tipping her hat to the PC Music aesthestic in her distinctive “Spanglish” flows.

Rakky recently dropped her debut album, “Neptune Diamond”, which comes from the belief in which inside of Neptune there's a diamond core and huge diamond storms. This 10 track LP is a fearlessly experimental, heart tingling ,playful, multiple genre journey mostly produced by her friend Eurosanto. Rakky takes us all on a trip to her planet, and when the spaceship lands - we find a whole universe of idealized love, diva moments and party nights...

Rakky's regent planet is Neptune and she feels like this album is everything she had inside her and nobody had seen before, like those diamonds.


2020-09-22Paper Dress VintageLONDON Cancelled