The Psychology Of Serial Killers

The Psychology Of Serial Killers

  • Venue: Grand Central Hall
  • City: Liverpool
  • Postcode: L1 2SF
  • Show Time: 19:30
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The minds of serial killers are as complex as they are varied. The BTK Killer, David Berkowits (Son of Sam), the Moors Murderers... experts classify all these murderers into categories, such as 'lust killers', 'visionary killers' and 'killer couples'.

Plenty of psychological phenomena surround their atrocious crimes: among them are 'shared psychosis', homicidal fantasies (including your own!), and Hybristophilia, one of the factors behind women falling in love with serial killers.

Our expert will guide you through the particularities of these categories and phenomena, all backed up by pertinent case studies. You'll also learn how victims are identified, and watch a fascinating time-lapse video of facial reconstruction on the skull of a discovered body.

Discover one of Forensic Psychology’s most troubling topics!

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