Electric Eel Shock, Liverpool

Wednesday 23rd July @ Magnet, Liverpool
Electric Eel Shock
The Sporting Life
Doors 8pm

Beat Me! Shouts the naked drummer from some sweaty stage, somewhere around the world. Japanese ninja metal – brought up on diets of Metallica, Iron Maiden et al – its not a twist but a full on wrench of hair metal.

Kerrang: “There are places on the sun that are less hot than 'Rock & Roll Can Rescue The World', its one of the catchiest songs you will ever hear…”

NME: “The NME have always dreamed of a band like Japan's Electric Eel Shock. A band willing and able to rid the world of sexually retarded indie schmindie dullards while spunking in the accepted notions of cool!”

If you are a serious scenester then don’t bother turning up. If you want to jump around like a mess with a cheesy grin on your face, then by all means please make your way to the front. See you there!

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