Eighties Matchbox Halloween Gig @ Trash, Leeds

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Friday 31st October

Originally formed in 1999, Eighties Matchbox are renowned for their intense live shows, where McKnight regularly leaves the stage during numbers to mingle with the crowd.

They have released two full-length albums, Hörse Of the Dög in 2002 and The Royal Society in October 2004. The band have released seven singles on various different formats, each release has had several b-sides included and so the band have a large amount of songs that cannot be found on their albums. The song “Mister Mental” was featured on the 'rom-zom-com' movie “Shaun of the Dead”, the film also contained posters and other references to the band.

The band have played at both The Glastonbury Festival and The Reading and Leeds Festivals for several years running. They have also toured and supported many mainstream bands, including; System of a Down, Placebo, Klaxons, Murderdolls and Queens of the Stone Age and are currently touring with Scars on Broadway in support of their 2008 UK tour.

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