Dickensian Disco – September, Manchester

The Victorians were all about innovation and pushing things forward, with Manchester's boom in the Industrial age it seemed appropriate to call the night The Dickensian Disco, plus everyone likes a bit of alliteration.

The Dickensian Disco aims to be an alternative Indie night in the heart of Manchester. We may remember the Manchester classics but you will not hear them here. The Dickensian Disco aims to play cutting edge music by cutting edge bands from all genres. The myspace page says if it fits we'll play it and this is the case.

The Dickensian Disco's home at Dry Bar, Oldham street, may have the ghosts of Manchester's great musical past looming over it, but you'd hope that they'd be looking down and appreciate that there is an innovative group of individuals, coming out of Manchester, who are looking forward and trying to do something different, just as they did in their day!

September Listings

Saturday 20th September
Stage 1
Cut Cut Shape
My Captive Audience
The Sandells

Stage 2
Grace Emilys
Throw Catch
The Corsairs

Saturday 27th September
Stage 1
The Stolen
The Acension

Stage 2
The Sneakypeeks
The Insanity Factory
I Am Blackbird

Doors 8pm all shows

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