Damaged Gods 18th Sept @ Dry Bar, Manchester

Damaged Gods
Thursday 18th September
Dry Bar, Manchester

“Enter Damaged Gods armed with huge riffs, grinding rhythms and terrace-chant melodies, they cut a welcome swathe through the trivia masquerading as entertainment like a razor through flesh. But this isn't just music, it's a manifesto, a social document&183; They provide balance in this intolerant climate of suppression of free speech and artistic expression.

“Musically, we're anti-everything that's going on right now, because what's going on right now is appalling…” Says B “We're the alternative to the bland, faceless bullshit that people have had to accept for far too long”.

With a disturbing air of malevolence, hard-hitting lyrics and a sense of melody which turns dark hymns of anger into sing-along friendly anthems, Damaged Gods would like to introduce themselves.”

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