Cosmo Jarvis UK Tour Dates
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Cosmo Jarvis UK Tour Dates

In an age when musicians either seem to be manufactured popstrels, media-trained to banality, or self-consciously blog-hyped ‘underground’, this 22 year old from Devon is a breath of fresh air. Cosmo speaks his mind and, musically, he’s a magpie who’ll go anywhere, regardless of ‘cool’, from hip hop to punk hoedown to gorgeous ensemble orchestration. His music and films have made him an online phenomenon. His YouTube shorts, usually observational comedy skits about small town life, have been viewed over two million times, his contagious shanty ‘Gay Pirates’, beloved of Stephen Fry, has almost a million Youtube hits, and he has tens of thousands of fans around the world, especially in Australia where his shows sell out fast.

Cosmo’s last two albums, 2009’s ’Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch’ and 2011’s ‘Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?’, have seen him hightail between almost too many musical styles, but with his new album, ‘Think Bigger’, he decided to adhere to a singer-songwriter template tinged with alt-country sensibilities. This is Cosmo Jarvis, though, so it’s never straightforward or predictable, everything is imprinted with his personality and effusive imagination.

With ‘Think Bigger’ each individual part, each individual component of each individual song can be listened to with more scrutiny,” he says, then laughs, mischievously adding, “Some of these songs come from different periods in my life, but they’ve just been arranged and presented to give the illusion of a cohesive album.

A down-to-earth, maverick talent, Cosmo Jarvis has bloomed into a word-of-mouth one-man industry who might just be about to receive the recognition he deserves. Cosmo’s work is unique, forthright, human and involving, he’s an artist, in other words, who’s proving truly exciting to follow – you never know quite what’s coming but can rest assured it will be filled with exciting ideas and contagious tunes.

UK Live Dates:
Thu 14th Feb
Soup Kitchen

Fri 15th Feb
Mello Mello

Thu 28th Feb
The Rainbow Complex

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