!!!Clockwerk!!! 06/12/08

Clockwerk 06/12/08

The first instalment of Clockwerk comes your way on Saturday 6th December. If you’re fed up of the generic, run of the mill band nights Clockwerk promises to bring you round and restore your faith in bloody good music.

We will bring you four acts all of which bring there own flavour to the musical table putting on a spread desirable to the most critical of ears.

Opening the night with a rock fist firmly in the air is Soldiers of fuzz. They put any hard rock band to shame with their soaring vocals and solos that make you physically sick!

We bring the tone down with a folk acoustic act called Misery Guts. With influences like Nick Drake and James Taylor these boys have really captured something special. With Beautiful Melodies and lyrics comparable to Mr. J Lennon you will be in love with their songs by the end of there set.

Accidents never happen is the name of our third band. With there wild and at times un predictable show you can’t help but feel their name is ironic. These guys will appeal to the music mogul and the happy go lucky pop lover. They have it all and certainly have the potential to go to the top.

To top of this mish mash musical extravaganza. Flown in from New Zeland especially, Disaster Radio brings with him an electro, disco, crazy, style of music. Armed with a keyboard and some fine dance moves, you are guaranteed to walk away from his set confused but definitely happy that you saw it.

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