Bobbie Peru
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Bobbie Peru, Manchester

Wednesday 20th Jan @ Dry Bar, Manchester
Bobbie Peru
Pearl Divers
Doors 8pm

The harshness of the east U.S coast meets the gritty north west of the UK ,
there's no mercy going on here. Bobbie Peru are a genuine strength to be reckoned with. There are only 3 of them, but the brute force and elegant melodics weigh heavily on the heart and soul. The songs are driving and urgent, the messages harsh and sometimes sarcastic, giving hints of a cruel sense of humour buried within the assault.

Their debut LP 'Social Suicide' was met with wide acclaim and has, at the time of writing, nearly sold out. Since its release the band have toured extensively to promote it, including support tours across Europe and the U.K with The Fall, Black Francis and Spear Of Destiny. As a result of all the gigs their sound has developed considerably over the last year and the newer material is much more raw and less fussy. It's almost punk, but too intelligent to be just painted as that. The live shows have gained them much respect, the band are engaging and attention demanding. Frontman and guitarist Bert is particularly menacing and unpredictable, whilst the rhythm section lay down aconcrete slab of sound.

Featuring Carly Bear, a prolific writer and guitar guru; former Fall drummer Mike Leigh, well known and popular Manchester keyboard player Tony Da Ghost and former Klunk bassist John “Monty” Montague. Pearl Divers perform an original repertoire that mixes different styles and tempos to give a unique blend of “Indie” type music.

LoveLust: deep fluid Wooden Ships type drone psychedelia

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