Beggar Joe @ Manchester

Jon Kenzie (vocals), Andy Brown (double bass), Rome Mossabir (percussion), Chris Butler (drums) and Justin Shearn (keys) met during their time at Salford University. They became firm friends and soon realised they all shared the same passion. Out of this passion, Beggar Joe was formed.

This eclectic five piece long for the days when bands weren't determined by how they fitted in to a “scene” or if they had the right haircut. They value the time when musicians were judged on passion, raw talent and, most importantly, how well they played live. As a result, Beggar Joe pride themselves on having a huge soul, jazz and blues infused sound reminiscent of those glory days.

From their regular Manchester haunts of Night and Day and The Roadhouse to the more exotic shores of China and America, Beggar Joe's music has been heard and loved and recently, Jon recorded an unplugged acoustic set that was broadcast on Sky tv.

Beggar Joe are playing live on the following date:

2nd May – Dry Bar, Manchester

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