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With their infusion of hip-hop, RnB and pop, ‘Britains got Talent’ favourites Bars & Melody (Leondre Devries)  (Charlie Lenehan) are still working hard and getting their show on the road. Catch them in Manchester in March.

23 March 2019 – Matinee  – Night People, Manchester  –  TICKETS

Hailing from Port Talbot, Wales and Bristol respectively, rapper Leondre Devries (13) and singer Charlie Lenehan (15) are known to UK audiences as Britain’s Got Talent finalists, but they have already acquired international attention appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Bars & Melody’s assured and entertaining performances along with their anti-bullying message won the hearts of viewers all over the world, including Dubai’s royal family, who invited the boys to perform a private gig at their palace.

‘Hopeful’ is a reworking of a Faith Evans song, which Leondre adapted to include a strong anti-bullying message. The duo’s rapper had immersed himself in music to escape the daily reality of being bullied at school and hoped that sharing his experiences with other children would allow them to find a route out of similar situations.


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