Aspen Grove + guests @ Bumper, Liverpool – Club Glasswerk Launch Night in Liverpool

Club Glasswerk arrives at Bumper for weekly live music bringing the select indie and electro talent to the most popular cool kids indie venue in Liverpool. Love or hate the bands, Club Glasswerk promises to stretch the boundaries of taste.

Kicking of the new term of music are Aspen Grove, a seriously un-serious band. They spent the first year of their existence playing around with a noise so as to find a tune and define their sound. Having done this they then played a gig and released a single which had people fainting with joy. The single was called 'The Swerve' and the release party sold out. The media have also recognised their greatness with regular plays on regional radio and you may have seen them on The Culture Show. So what is this noise like that took a year to define? Indie-rock with twisting catchy choruses and hooks.

See you there.

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