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African Head Charge: A Psychedelic Dub-Reggae Odyssey On Tour

Prepare for a mesmerizing journey as African Head Charge, the globally acclaimed dub-reggae ensemble co-founded by legendary producer Adrian Sherwood, embarks on an electrifying tour across the UK. Led by the master percussionist and royal rastaman, Bonjo Iyabhinghi Noah, African Head Charge’s live performance promises to be a soul-stirring fusion of tribal beats, psychedelic dub, and 21st-century electronica.

Here are the dates for the upcoming African Head Charge tour:

African Head Charge, formed as a studio project in 1981, has achieved cult status over the years with their unique blend of live instrumentation and programmed music. Adrian Sherwood’s wizardry, combined with Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah’s percussion talents, birthed their first psychedelic African dub LP, “My Life In A Hole In The Ground,” setting the stage for a journey that spans over three decades.

The live show features a world-star lineup of performers, delivering an intoxicating soundscape of reggae-inflected drumming, visceral vocals, and thrumming bass-lines. As African Head Charge returns to the stage with a deeper, darker, and heavier live sound, they are poised to captivate both loyal fans and a new generation of admirers worldwide.


  • 1981: Studio project initiated, resulting in the groundbreaking “My Life In A Hole In The Ground.”
  • Late 1980s: First live appearance at the University of London (ULU), instantly sold out.
  • 1990: Release of the masterpiece “Songs Of Praise” LP, followed by “In Pursuit Of Shashamane Land” in 1993.
  • 1995: Bonjo’s move to Ghana; 2003 marked his return, leading to “Vision Of A Psychedelic Africa” in 2005.
  • 2016: Vinyl reissues of the first four albums and “Return Of The Crocodile,” unreleased tracks from the early ’80s.
  • Recent Years: Live stage return with a lineup featuring original members and electronic elements from Gaudi.

African Head Charge’s live performance promises an enchanting experience, weaving a tapestry of rhythmic mastery and electronic innovation. Join us for a night of sonic exploration as African Head Charge continues to push the boundaries of dub-reggae.

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