80’s Icons The Blow Monkeys Live In Liverpool

Get ready for a night of timeless music as The Blow Monkeys, the legendary band with a career spanning over 40 years, takes the stage at Hangar 34 in Liverpool on March 13, 2024. Known for their worldwide hits such as “Digging Your Scene” and “It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way,” The Blow Monkeys have carved a unique space in the music industry, always pushing their own boundaries and creating new sounds.

The Blow Monkeys have been on an extraordinary journey, consistently making new music and collaborating with a diverse range of artists. From working with icons like Curtis Mayfield, Paul Weller, Cheb Khaled, to even Jamaican Toaster EEK-a-Mouse, their commitment to socially engaged and eclectic music sets them apart.

In the 80s, The Blow Monkeys acted as a sounding board for politically engaged music, reminiscent of The Clash’s early 80s heyday. Dr Robert, the frontman, even took a detour to release one of the UK’s first homegrown ‘house’ records, “Wait,” in a top 5 duet with Chicago soul diva Kym Maselle.

Reforming in 2008, The Blow Monkeys have shown incredible productivity, releasing six new albums and performing in numerous concerts. Their latest album, “Journey To You” (2021), recorded during the lockdown, features the extraordinary single “Time Storm.” Additionally, BMG has re-released their classic 1986 album ‘Animal Magic’ as part of their “Iconic” series, available as a 4 CD boxset and a limited edition white vinyl with extra tracks and rarities.

From their beginnings on the underground club scene to appearing on the soundtrack of the biggest-selling film of all time, “Dirty Dancing” (You Don’t Own Me), The Blow Monkeys continue to evolve. As they prepare to light up Hangar 34, Liverpool, on March 13, 2024, their legacy of timeless and socially conscious music lives on.

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