Posted Tuesday 26th of Mar 2013 by Glen Byford in Reviews

Niko feat. QNC - The Daddy Remix

Niko feat. QNC - The Daddy Remix
I like this.

It isn't thrilling, it isn't in the least bit forward thinking, and as far as I'm aware it isn't by a hotly tipped and overhyped new artist.

I don't love it, I'm not amazed by it.

but I do like this.

It has a soulful little beat that bumps along in a throwback fashion, it has horn stabs that I'm certain Mark Ronson would be proud of, it has a sweet female vocal, a guesting rap duo and the feeling that it will soundtrack the warm-up to New York block parties long before the night is in full swing.

It neither grabs hold and commands your attention, nor does it grate or offend the senses.

But it is a solid head-nodder, and I like it.

Released: Tue 27th Mar 2012
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