Banbridge 4 piece, Tied To Machines arrive on the scene with a bang as they drop their debut self titled EP next month. There’s not much hanging around here, each track clocks in under 3.30. It’s all meaty, satisfying guitar work and massive, frantic drums.

Opening track ‘Sociopath’ sets the tone from the outset. It successfully blends the immediacy of LA hardcore punksters The Bronx with the kind of brutal nihilism that made Sick Of It All so vital back in the day. The closing section from about 2.40 onwards is particularly face melting!

Things don’t let up with the assault on the senses that is ‘No Huggin, No Learnin’ (which could be Tied To Machines mission statement by the way). Thunderous drums lead into an awesome power chord progression not dissimilar to Nirvana’s Breed.

Final track Otamendi is undoubtedly the stand out here though. The dirtiest opening riff you’ve ever heard kicks of a gloriously furious couple of minutes. We won’t be seeing this soundtrack any Disney flicks any time soon that’s for sure! This is undoubtedly music to play with your windows wide open to scare the living daylights out of the neighbours.
Impressively accomplished for a debut offering, one gets the feeling that Tied To Machines are more than ready to unleash a full albums worth in the not too distant future.

Released: Fri 21st Oct 2011