'Acclaimed Jazz and Metal Guitarist Returns with Excellent 4th release from his trio'…

Hardly the type of PR hard sell that is likely to fill me with excitement, but I'll stick it on and give it a try.

Sure enough, it does sound a bit jazzy.

And I am definitely not excited by it.

But as it plays it does a sufficient enough job of filling the silence a little, it is not exactly to my tastes, but neither is it overly offensive to my senses, sometimes the over-the-top guitar playing and show-offiness grates slightly. I get the point, yes, you're very good at intrinsically detailed guitar solos, perhaps this would have others in spasms of joy, i prefer my music slightly less indulgent.

Perhaps i have hit upon the niche market that will be flocking out to pick up Veritas and have no doubt held the previous three releases by the Alex Skolknic Trio close to their hearts, those souls that obsess about guitars and pick up magazines dedicated to models and makes and hold a high esteem of guitar heroes, alongside perhaps a bunch of mellowed out metal fans, that will be using this album to play out in the background and impress their like-minded acquaintances at their next dinner party.

Released: Wed 3rd Aug 2011