Brroklyn’s Glass Rifle is certainly a band trading in past glories, mainly those of other people’s. However, while many bands current take on stars of old result in a shiny, glistening production that can be as sickly as it is slippery, Glass Rifle embody a primitive, grimy discharge that feels like it couldn’t really exist anywhere other than a rotting basement in the 1980’s.

It’s Mission of Burma meets early Sonic Youth and while it’s certainly not cracking, let alone breaking new ground, it does exude a degree of genuine punch and something feels fiercely independent about it. Most interestingly is the production and recording technique, it feels so rooted in DIY, underground 80’s punk that it really is astonishing that it was created today. While this double A-side is a nostalgic reflection on sonic assaults of old, there is certainly enough bubbling under the surface to justify keeping an eye on these lot.

Released: Tue 5th Apr 2011