Ex-lovers should either make you feel pathetic and pitiful, like a drivelling fool with a lack of judgement and a handful of tears or they should make you feel angry and loathsome, like a raging child with a temper set to kill and a toy ready to throw.

Exlovers however make you feel neither of them, Exlovers minus the hyphen are a cape of sound for the floating youth clutching tight to a novel and tighter to dreams. Their acoustic adventures are meant for hand-holding, winter and a kiss under a street-light. Opening track "You Forget So Easily" is basically oozing with sepia imagery and paints a picture of angelic hope in the face of fiendish actions. "I know the future doesn't favour me!" sings Pete with a defeatist slip of tongue, resigned to defeat in the most charming way.

Exlovers have made an EP for the people they most understand, the young and confused, the beautiful and wasted, the tested and the tried, they’ve made an EP for themselves and it’s as innocent as a daisy chain and as worthwhile as the air!

Released: Tue 22nd Sep 2009