New Again is the second single from Taking Back Sunday's 2009 album 'New Again' after the troubles the guys had with members in the band they have resolved the issue for now and have put a lot of time and energy into their new music. The single 'New Again' is the follow on from 'Sink Into Me' which although rather different from their older music still had something to be desired. 'New Again' is not quite as catchy as the previous single but is still a well written piece of music. It starts of straight away with a drum beat which is definitely going to get your heart pounding and as if this wasn't enough Adam Lazzara's vocals jump in and penetrate you.'New Again' is very unpredictable throughout with the pace changing from slow to fast and the music going from quiet to loud. It is initially lead by drums but then the guitar and bass come soaring through for definite by the first chorus. This is a song that is still much different from their old stuff therefore older fans may not like it but this will definitely still bring in a big crowd which will most probably include a lot of teenagers.

Released: Fri 24th Jul 2009