Posted Monday 1st of Jun 2009 by Martin Goodhead in Reviews

Foxes! - Who Killed Rob?

Foxes! - Who Killed Rob?
Some quirky chamber pop in the B and S mode from hot-tipped Foxes, all boy/girl harmonies, handclaps and wryly arch lyrics about ‘neon vested’ scenesters with a lilting Isobel Campbell-esque solo interlude from front-girl. Signs of some innovation—or creative stealing--since then arrive a minute in onwards with heavy hint of the syncopated polyrhymic dance-prog suites in trend during the last few noughties musical waves a la Dandandanackroyd and Foals. As garnish, some music concretique-style sirens amidst the greenery spaces of Foxes-town .

The B sides continue in sun-drop pop vein replete with a faint grey glimmer of cloud melancholy, in this, then, most nu-britpop of pretenders to the musical climate; temperate yet with a comforting unpredictability.

Released: Fri 29th May 2009
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