Second album from the Northern Irelands very own monsters of rock is a bit of a disappointment, it’s full of enthusiasm and passion but it almost feels like a tribute to their heroes, who are, lets be honest things of the past themselves. ‘The Answer’s’ sound is very firmly bedded in the past, and they make no secret of trying to emulate a variety of classic rock bands such as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, which although creates an enjoyable listen it comes at the expense of originality.

The chunky and flashy guitar riffs on show in tracks such as ‘Walkin’ Mat’ and ‘Too Far Gone’ and throughout pretty much all of the album for that matter will no doubt impress fans of intricate metal guitar work, and for those of you who like a high pitched vocal style a la Robert Plant then vocalist Cormac Neeson’s style may be right up your street.

Although the album does showcase a vast array of talent and music capability it is totally let down by the fact that it doesn’t express even one single original or innovative idea and for this matter they sound like a band hero worshipping and living of other musicians ideas rather than creating their own.

Released: Fri 27th Feb 2009