Oh god why do I do this! So here we go again. Ok so the band are called K.O.Kaine and I really just don’t feel like I have the energy to make up anything witty about that. Seeing the title has just sucked it right out of me. The album is called ‘Play to Ghosts’ (yeah! Maybe if you are planning an exorcisim! Because this will make them flee in terror!).

The track listing doesn’t get much better. From a metal band you can fully expect all sorts of devious titles referring to death, pain, of course faith and slithery things that we all fear.

When they aren’t hammering out thrashing punk rock then they do manage to calm down a bit taking pace in their music, even sounding like an amped up Faith No More -–And that is a slim comparison.

If you happened to lose your brain, are looking for something to get someone you hate or just like albums that come with living dead dolls on the cover art, then this one is for you!

Released: Thu 1st Jan 1970