One week before this Brighton pair’s debut album, ‘Box Of Secrets’ is blessed with the task of opening minds and starting the resurrection of pop music (yeah, it is possible!). Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell, use ‘Say Something, Say Anything’ to parade their brazen guitar spiked pop drawl to give another preview of what they are about.

Harvesting the insecure vocal whip of Ansell, who also provides the steady percussion base steering them towards a ‘Blood’ fuelled Editors vibe. The pair continues to show a gripping cohesion and captures that awkwardness of moments everyone suffers in communicating with a significant other. Tempo builds, soul-searching and teetering rhythm moulds the song together.

A sub-three minute swirl is produced that will act as an attention grabbing bill-board, as Blood Red Shoes prepare to bring the basics of heart and mystery back to pop music.

Released: Wed 26th Mar 2008